Q: Where else do you sell products?

A: We have facebook live events daily – sometimes twice a day! You can check out our Facebook page to participate. We sell on our Tiktok page, and we also accept walk-ins at our warehouse. We welcome you to stop by anytime!

-   Our address is 30 San Francisco, Lungsod ng Valenzuela, 1440 Kalakhang Maynila

-   Waze: Komento Live Warehouse


Q: How can I see the exact products that I will receive if I place an order with assorted items?

A: For some assorted listings you will not receive exactly what is shown in the photos, but it will be very similar! To provide the lowest prices to our customers, we forgo barcoding individual products.


Q: I would like to buy in bulk. How can I do that? And what is considered “bulk?”

A: If you are interested in bulk buying, we welcome you to either visit our warehouse in person, or go on a personalized virtual shopping tour via facetime! Please contact our customer service staff via Facebook and ask to speak with Sir Jay or Sir Darwin! Bulk orders are P100,000 and above.


Q: Where can we see your products?

A: Please browse our store (Komento.ph) to see our listed items! You can also view some products on our Tiktok shop, in our warehouse, or on our Facebook live events.


Q: When will you ship my order?

A: We aim to get shipments out as fast as humanly possible. If ordering on our website (Komento.ph) or on Tiktok, we should be able to ship out within the day. If you are ordering on our Facebook live, we ship as soon as you pay!


Q: How can I resell your products?

A: That is totally up to you! You can sell on facebook marketplace, or any other online marketplace. You can also sell in bulk to the divisoria or any small retail store near you.. We sell items so cheap, there is room for you to be a bulk seller and resell individual items. Additionally, we will soon be providing software to the public that can be used to build your own live-selling business!