1 Pair Weight Lifting Training Gloves

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Weightlifting gloves are made of high-quality 3 to 4-mm thick neoprene and synthetic leather and come with a long wrist wrap which is evenly helpful in increasing stamina covering the complete palm and protecting hands from calluses and any type of hand abrasion while lifting. 

Helps you to get a much better grip on the weights that you are lifting, and eventually enables you to do the intensive heavy-weight lifting.

Supports your wrists and protects them from being sprained by heavy weight
protects your palms from developing calluses/blisters or being tougher, offers air to the hands without removing the gloves, and reduces getting sweat on your hand due to the open design of the finger & back of your hand

Material: Neoprene
Color: Black

1 Pair Weight Lifting Training Gloves