2 pcs/set Memory Seat FoamCushion

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1.100% memory foam,5 seconds to rebound back to the original shape.

2. High support, protect your spine and reduce the burden

3. Rich in color, the mesh is breathable and comfortable, and the plush is smoother and softer.

4. Recommend use methods: when the U hollow is in the front, more suitable for men; When the U hollow is in the back side, it is more suitable for women

5. Effectively prevent hemorrhoids, improve sitting posture, and relieve spinal pain.


Seat Cushion:45x35x7cm

Back Cushion:32x31.5x10cm

Package Includes:

1* Seat Cushion

1* Back Cushion

Note: Office chair not included

2 pcs/set Memory Seat FoamCushion