3 In 1 NutriSlicer

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Creating healthy meals is hard work! The endless slicing, chopping, grating… just think of all the time it’s taking!

What you need is NutriSlicer! The super-fast, super-easy way to make nutritious meals every day.

The secret is NutriSlicer’s three interchangeable super sharp stainless-steel drums, all driven by a precision powered handle. Simply turn the precision power handle and watch the NutriSlicer work it's magic.

Make healthy homemade soups, salads and even veggie pizza that your whole family will enjoy. And NutriSlicer is dishwasher safe so cleaning is a breeze!

The NutriSlicer is a super easy and fast way to create healthy and delicious meals! This amazing cooking aid is multifunctional, allowing you to slice, chop and grate with very little effort.

All you have to do is choose the blade you would like, either the fine blade, coarse blade or the slicing blade. This hand-powered rotary blade is great for cheese, vegetables, biscuits, nuts and more. It is so easy to clean as the drum blades switch out, more so well it's dishwasher friendly!

The NutriSlicer has a suction at the bottom to ensure that it doesn't slide across your countertops while you are slicing. Simply adjust the lock and release button to ensure that you can easily move and fasten the slicer on any surface.


3 x interchangeable stainless steel drum blades - Grating Blade, Shredding Blade, Slicing Blade

Easy-to-use hand crank mechanism.

Angled dispenser reduces clogging.

A powerful suction base adheres to smooth, non-porous work surfaces.

All pieces are detachable for cleaning.

Package Includes:

1* 3 In 1 NutriSlicer (Green)

3 In 1 NutriSlicer