3in1 & 4in1 Set Dark Gray Window Curtain with Rings

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The curtain linen material's somewhat irregular texture creates privacy while allowing light to pass through the weave. In addition to providing privacy by keeping those outsides from seeing directly into the room, it also gives the room a cozy glow and a nice sensation during the day.


Type: Non-blackout curtain

Fabric: US Polycotton

Size: 6ft (75 length x 55 width inches)

Package Includes:


3in1 - 3pcs (2pcs plain dark gray color, 1pc plain cream)

4in1 - 4pcs (2pcs plain dark gray color, 2pcs plain cream)


Colors & fabrics may have a slight difference in actual due to mobile or monitor display and brightness.

Rings are manually installed by hand, they may be detached during shipment.

3in1 & 4in1 Set Dark Gray Window Curtain with Rings