4-in-1 Multi-functional Hands-Free Mop

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Say goodbye to the traditional hand washing mop.
The new Hands-free Mop will make your cleaning much quicker and easier.

  • 4 in 1 multi-functional mop - It can be used as a broom, dry mop, wet mop, and window cleaner.


  1. Open the bucket lid, fill the wash side.
  2. Insert the mop vertically up and down.
  3. Open the lid from side after use.
  4. Pour out the dirty water by dragging out the rubber plug.
  5. Put the lid back on top of the mop.


  • Dust push type: clamped 
  • Mop rod material: stainless steel 
  • Size: 39cmx20cmx23cm


  • 1x Mop
  • 1x Bucket
  • 2x Micro-Fiber Pads
  • Can be used on any surface


Please make sure the pad hangs on the panel teeth, thus it will not get off when you use the mop.

4-in-1 Multi-functional Hands-Free Mop