4 pcs Laundry Mesh Travel Bag

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  • Protect clothes, reduce rolling and distortion in the washing machine and make clothes in the previous state
  • Keeping the clothes from scraping, twisting, rubbing, and knitting
  • Fine-looking and exquisite workmanship with special designing and sewing
  • Bag surface cooperates with washing machine and makes washing easier and quicker.
  • Durable and Breathable washing bag
  • Durable Keeps your expensive garments and delicate laundry separated and safe and Breathable washing bag
  • 100% polyester made a lasting long time
  • Zipper closure avoids the laundry bag be opened while washing
  • See through mesh makes it easy for you to find your belongings and keep them from getting lost

✦ Size: 40cm x 49cm / 30cm x 40cm / 20cm x 30cm
✦ Material: Nylon

Product Include:
✦ 3x Washing Bag
✦ 1x Round Net Bag

4 pcs Laundry Mesh Travel Bag