Airwirl Electric Cooler And Heater

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The Airwirl personal cooling and heating system is the world's first self-contained, portable temperature relief device.

We are constantly innovating to keep you cool in extreme temperatures, inside or outside, regardless of where your adventure takes you.

Whether you are out on a stroll with your baby or pet, on the job, at the gym, at your favorite theme park, or attending an event, only Airwirl provides satisfying temperature relief when you need it.

The latest advances in thermal engineering and ergonomic design enable us to provide "go anywhere" comfort solutions. It actually changes the ambient air temperature, whether it is hot or cold, using Airwirl's Patent Pending Technology. Not like battery operated fans, misters or evaporative towels. The device is ultra-portable and easy to hold.

The Airwirl motorized lid features an innovative turbine fan system with an elongated air post. To ensure efficient flow of cool or warm air, the airpost can be "self-centered" within 2 cups of ice cubes or up to four activated heaters.


  • Size: 12.5X10.5X17CM
  • Weight: 0.8KG
  • Power: 3 AA batteries (excluding tax)
  • Insulation: about 4 hours
  • Capacity: 500-1000ml

Package Includes:

  • 1 * 2 in 1 heating and cooling fan

Airwirl Electric Cooler And Heater