Building Block Toy Bricks

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Suitable age: 6-12 years old or older
Washable and disinfectable
Build a piece of the block for your child
Provide the best educational DIY gift for your kid boys and girls
Perfect gift for Christmas, a birthday, or any holiday

Advantages of children playing with building blocks
1. Process visual input through some actions. Good hand touch and eye coordination are also conducive to general body coordination and balance.
2. The play of creativity and imagination can encourage children to try new ideas and help them gradually form innovative thinking and constantly find new ways to solve problems.
3. Conducive to the development of "spatial wisdom". Children are constantly studying the layout and structure of the toy building blocks, which helps them to grasp the shape of objects, distinguish the spatial orientation, and grasp the two-dimensional and three-dimensional space and its transformation.
4. Help children learn to draw conclusions through reasoning, including mathematical, logical reasoning, scientific analysis, and other thinking forms. This ability is needed for effective statistics, measurement, reasoning, induction, analysis, etc. as children grow up.

Building Block Toy Bricks