Car Clay Bar Cleaner

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A car clay bar can be used on Paintwork, Glass, Clear optical plastics(headlights/tail lights), Carbon fibre, Exhaust tips, Clear bras, Polished metal(stainless steel, aluminium, chrome, etc.), Wheels, rust, grease, dead insects contamination over-spray, Use car clay bar with water which has been added cleaning agent and detergent; It is soft and is easily deformed
Car Clay Bar is using the magic clay with water which has been added cleaning agent and detergent; Very soft and flexible. Knead into different shapes to clean any irregularities. It is easy and convenient to use, will make your car clearer.
Car Clay Bar can effectively remove all kinds of heavy scale paint, such as oil film, iron powder, flying paint, gum, tartar and lacquer surface. Car Clay Bar can be stored for next use. After use, use a clean bag or directly soak in water to facilitate the next use.

Material: Volcanic mud

How to Use

  1. Take out the Car Clay Bar, the Car Clay Bar should be crushed into a ball.
  2. The Car Clay Bar will be put into the water, soaked.
  3. Wipe the body of the car dirty place, from time to time immersed in water, keep moisture.
  4. After wiping the car, The Car Clay Bar will become dirty, then dirty part of the Clay Bar to the inside to continue to decontamination.
  5. After the completion of the car of the body is smooth, feel good, ready for waxing. Before: Be sure to first wash away the large particles of stains, to prevent the scratch paint, to the use of sludge process, once the fine particles attached to the sludge, the need to promptly replace the sludge clean place.
  6. After: To the sludge will remove the paint surface oxide layer, the proposed waxing conservation, so that paint lasting light.

Car Clay Bar Cleaner