Car Friend Tire Shine

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On rainy days, mud, and on bright days, dust. Your wheel becomes dull and dirty, and it appears to be old and unkempt!

Take advantage of our tire shine if you want to keep your wheels shining and neat!

This solution is a protectant that conditions the rubber tire while also giving it a damp, black appearance. It adds a natural sheen to your wheel, making it more appealing.

The unique mixture forms a thin layer on the surface to protect it from pollutants while also penetrating into the rubber and nourishing it from within, extending its service life.

It also repels muddy water and dust, allowing it to stay cleaner for longer. Its ability to withstand washing can endure for weeks.

For a deeper black gloss, try our revolutionary tire dressing with optic black to get tunning new-look gloss to your tire.

Package Includes:

  • 1* Car Friend Tire Shine 250ml

Car Friend Tire Shine