Coffee Pod Tower

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This is a 40-capsule revolving Coffee Pod Tower that rotates 360 degrees. It can be organized to keep our desktops looking neat and tidy.


  • This Coffee Pod Tower has an elegant design and can store Nespresso capsules in an ordered manner, keeping our desktop neat and tidy.
  • The coffee holder's surface is smooth and easy to clean, and the color is sophisticated.
  • Ideal present for anyone who enjoys coffee capsules.
  • 360° rotation: On a smooth surface, you can rotate 360° to distinguish different flavors. By spinning, you may easily select the preferred flavor.
  • This coffee pod holder has four sides, each of which can hold up to ten Nespresso capsules, for a total of 40 Nespresso capsules. It can help you save a lot of space.


  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Iron
  • Maximum storage: 40pcs
  • Size: 11.2cm x 36.8cm

Package Includes:
1* Coffee Pod Tower

Coffee Pod Tower