Electric Drill Bit Sharpener

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Great quick and easy way to sharpen drill bits.

The angle and width are adjustable. Especially for the novice to grind drills.

Designed for multiple drill bit sizes.

This machine is suitable for beginners to grind and sharpen various tools at home.

Perfect gift for any handyman.


Accommodates drill sizes: 5/64" - 13/64"(2mm-5mm) ,7/32" - 21/64"(5mm-8mm),11/32" -1/2"(8mm-12.5mm)

Angle Stop Degrees: 60 degrees Left

Applications: Sharpen drill bits quickly; adjustable angle; sharpen various tools at home.

Package Includes:

1* Electric Drill Bit Sharpener

Electric Drill Bit Sharpener