Fog Laser Brake Light

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  • Project the red warning light on the ground
  • More brightness and clarity, best than fog light and license light.
  • Easy to install, it will lighting when turning on the fog light.
  • The product can make the driver drive farther and more effectively to warn the rear of the vehicle not to get too close a distance when driving in the rain, fog, and sandstorm weather. so that can avoid traffic accidents.
  • Driving at night can provide a more clear position of the vehicle and indicate the turning direction of the vehicle
  • What’s more, the automobile laser fog light also is beneficial for the novice to make auxiliary lines when they drive back into the garage.


  • Laser Power: 200mw
  • Lamp Type: LED
  • Laser Wavelength: 650mm(red color )
  • Voltage: 8V-36V (12-24V Recommended, otherwise the lighting effects will be affected)
  • Working Temperature: -20~70 degree
  • Laser Safety Grade: Class 3B
  • Mounting Placement: Above the center of the license
  • The Maximum Adjustable Angle: ±90 degree from top to bottom
  • Waterproof Grade: IPX4
  • Material: Aluminum + ABS plastic
  • Size: Laser Light Head: about 18mm*27mm
  • Bracket Size: about 22mm*40mm

Package Includes:

1*Fog Laser Brake Light


Connect to License Plate Light Line ( Recommend ), you can connect to the brake light line, rear fog light line, and warning light line as well.

Stick the glue above the middle of the license plate.

Use the screw to fix the light, and adjust the suitable angle to get the safety distance you want.

Fog Laser Brake Light