HEAVY DUTY Renovators Multi Kit Tools

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  • It uses high-frequency reciprocating swing flexibility cutting. It can do vertical cutting and no blind angle.
  • It can do polishing, shovel, cutting, and many other useful features.
  • It solves the operational problems of traditional tools. And will replace the traditional tools, to become the fashionable home decoration tool.
  • Does the work of a dozen conventional power tools.
  • Ideal for metal, wood. tile, plastic and more.
  • Precise Oscillating action and Professional grade accessories.



Input Power:220W 

No-Load Speed:15000~21000RPM

With 37pcs Accessories kits. 

Weight: 1.5kg


1 x Multi-tool Saw 

1 x Travel Storage Box

37 Pcs Accessories

1 x Vacuum Accessories

1 x Hex key

1 x Manual

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HEAVY DUTY Renovators Multi Kit Tools