Helmet Rechargeable Led Tail Light

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Just as you need to see while riding you need to make sure to be seen, this easy-to-use rechargeable safety light is the perfect solution, a quality light that can easily attach to the rear of any helmet whether for a Motorcycle Bicycle, Scooter.

The battery life depends on the Flash mode being used, lights make it visible to others for added safety of the rider under poor visibility and bad weather conditions.

It gives 8 hours back up to run light when charged for just 2 hours. It’s waterproof and can be exposed to rain without any problem. Our main priority is your safety!


  • Waterproof and Weather-proof Light works fine in any weather conditions.
  • Easy & Compatible with all motorcycle helmets.
  • Visible during both day and nighttime riding.
  • Reduces Traffic Accidents.
  • Looks good in any helmet.
  • Shines brightly in dark environments.
  • Charging time Approximately 2 hours.
  • It’s powered by a rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Attach to any helmet with Velcro.
  • Battery Long run-time up to 8 hours.
  • This lightweight Helmet Light won’t affect the fit and feel of your motorcycle helmet.

It has three modes with their battery life

  1. Constant light mode: 4 hours
  2. Blinking Mode: 8 hours
  3. Warning Mode: 9 hours

Package Includes:
1* Motorcycle Helmet Light
1* Velcro
1* USB cable

How to Install:
Remove the taillights and remove the Velcro surface on the back of the taillights. Remove the white backing protective layer behind the matte surface. Attach the matte backing to the back of the helmet. Fix the thorn surface behind the tail light to the matte surface.

Helmet Rechargeable Led Tail Light