Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Set

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Get your hands on the ultimate magnetic lash and eyeliner duo. You won't need to use glue to keep them together if you have this on hand. It's a must-have for women with sparsely populated eyelids who want to add some punch to their casual or party look.

The magnetic eyelashes are easy to apply, feel great on the skin, and are nearly clump-free and smudge-proof. They'll give you a glam boost without the need for layers of mascara. These falsies include a flexible band that will adjust to any eye shape for an all-day dreamy effect.


Clump-resistant, high-quality


Can be readily shaped

It's easy to take off with any oil-based makeup remover.

Reusable, inexpensive, and light

Package Includes:

1* Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Set #012

Set includes tweezer, eyeliner and three pair of eyelashes.

Magnetic Eyelashes and Eyeliner Set