Milky Way Galaxy Bracelets

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Shine Bright Like The Star You Are
Embody the largest star in the Milky Way, and be the center of the galaxy with our dazzling Galaxy Bracelet featuring all 9 planets (including Pluto - we would never leave you out, Pluto).

The perfect gift for the stargazer in your life.
Our Galaxy Bracelet makes the perfect unique gift for that someone special - but get yours quick,


Measures 8" with an elastic band.

  • Mars: Pink Agate
  • Moon: Moonstone
  • Earth: La Ven Agat
  • Venus: Tiger's Eye
  • Mercury: Howlite
  • Pluto: Brownstone
  • Neptune: Frosty Agate
  • Uranus: Cyan Agate
  • Saturn: Matte Map
  • Jupiter: Brown Agate

Package Includes:

1x Milky Way Galaxy Bracelets

Milky Way Galaxy Bracelets