Night Vision Sunglasses

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  • When driving or riding at night, this product will block out and absorb car light ultraviolet rays, blue light, lower the light intensity of the oncoming car headlights, filter out stray glare reflected from objects and roads to let drivers to see clear road conditions under the glare of light to avoid glare of headlights and visual vertigo for achieving goals of safe, comfortable and environment friendly driving or riding.
  • It also has function of adding brightness and shining, which will give you clear vision after wearing. And the function of adding brightness will work to the extreme in the morning and evening and when the sky is dark. At this time, even objects floating in water can be seen clearly.
  • It also can human eyes resolution when using in the evening, in rainy days, and in heavy fog.


Material: Copper alloy

Width of glass: about 62 mm/ 2.44 inches

Width of nose bridge: about 13 mm/ 0.51 inches

Length of glass temper bar: about 135 mm/ 5.31 inches.

Package included:

1 x Night Vision Sunglasses

Night Vision Sunglasses