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Professional condenser microphone - capture rich, full-bodied sound from sources that are directly in front of the mic

100% restores your voice without any distortion, enjoying the original voice and giving you the superior sound possible out of your vocal performances.

Protective pop filter - the dual-layer acoustic filter helps you against plosion and popping to get your best vocal recordings. Adjustable distance between the mic and the filter.

Folding tripod stand - ultra-compact design for maximum portability, you can fix the microphone on the desk with the mini flexible head which is 270° rotatable.

Plug & play - plug and play Audio 3.5mm connection recording microphone for computer mobile phone laptop that connects directly to 3.5mm port for recording music, computer singing, or podcast. Easy to use and install.

Multifunction - perfect for vocals, musical instruments, broadcasting, podcasting, interviews, voice recording, video conference, and singing over the internet


  • Directional: omnidirectional
  • Plug: 3.5mm jack
  • Impedance: <2.2 Ohm
  • Frequency Response: 10 KHz-16 KHZ
  • Sensitivity: -58 dB
  • S/N ratio: 60 dB
  • Cable Length:2M
  • Weight: 286g
  • Microphone size: approximately 170*32*32mm/6.69*1.25*1.25''
  • Application:
  • Network K songs, personal computer recording, instrument recording, and other occasions

Package Includes:

1* PC Mobile Microphone Set

PC Mobile Microphone