Portable Facial Steamer

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  • For cleaning the pores
  • Deep moisture
  • Control: 0/1/2 Settings
  • Improve facial circulation of blood
  • Use for the hot steam sauna facial.
  • Steam opens the soothing pores to help remove dirt, bacteria and makeup remnants.
  • Provides a thermal treatment that leaves the skin soft and smooth like silk.
  • Dual facial conical cones: wide facial vapour and nasal steamboat.
  • Come with a measuring cup.
  • Main effects:
  • It can replenish the missing face moisture effectively and maintain the balance of moisture on the skin, reduce wrinkles and make the skin soft, damp and elastic
  • Can erase hair follicles and drain pores, fat, dust etc., and also can kill Propionibacterium acnes effectively and prevent and cure acne
  • Promotes face blood circulation and skin metabolism, sent the nutrients to the inside of the skin cells through small blood vessels and make the skin smooth, moist, tender and pink, and may also delay ageing skin of the face
  • Can relieve cold and symptoms of rhinitis, have therapeutic effects on the eye/ear, nose, pharyngitis/keratitis/tracheitis
  • Add spices and essential oils to steam, then you can enjoy sauna aromatherapy at home.

Voltage: 110V
Frequency: 50 / 60Hz
Power: 100 W
Material: PC PP ABS
Size: approx. 20 * 20 * 20 cm
Color: purple/blue
Plug type: US

Package Included
1 x Steam
1 x Steam Face Cover
1 x Steam nose cover
1x 500 ml Measure Cup

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Portable Facial Steamer