Refrigerator Grid Storage Box

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  • Using PET material, healthy material, safety, and environmental protection, drop resistance, good impact resistance, not easy to break.
  • The drawer-type design is easy to operate, which increases the utilization rate of the refrigerator space and is more convenient and practical.
  • Telescopic design, suitable for 30-44cm.
  • The handle design makes it quicker to pick and place.
  • The partition design makes it easy to sort food.

Installation Steps:

1. Screw the washer and screw into the fixing hole, don't screw it to the end

2. Install the required divisions

3. Hang the front part of the fixing frame on the front part of the glass plate, and buckle the back part on the back end of the glass plate

4. Tighten the screws to fix the shelf

5. Put the storage box into the guide rail of the fixed frame

6. Installation is complete


  • Size: 30.5*20*9.5cm
  • Application: 30-44cm refrigerator partition
  • Color: White + Transparent
  • Material: PET+ABS+Iron
  • Style: Space/4 grid/8 grid

Package Included:

  • 1* PET Refrigerator Drawer Storage Box

Refrigerator Grid Storage Box