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Yoga 8 Word Chest Expander is a kind of equipment suitable for public fitness exercise. The advantage of using a tensioner is that the biceps is a muscle with two heads, and its main function is to flex the arm. When bending the arm, another muscle is also used-the triceps.

And only when doing some forearm raising exercises, such as high tension device curls or reverse high tension device toys, can the brachialis muscles be fully exercised. In addition, the main muscle of the upper forearm, the flexor brachii, also plays a role in the flexion of the arm, and the flexor brachii can be strengthened through the side curl of the tensioner.


  • Material: TPE
  • Size:6*9*1000mm
  • Type: Body Building Fitness Equipment
  • Usage: Yoga Exercise, Exercise Muscle, Body Building, Comprehensive exercise
  • S-resistant ink foot,Fitness, Slimming
  • Applicable Scenes: Fitness Equipment, Sports, Fitness Body
  • Color: Blue, Green, Black, Red, Yellow, Purple, Rose Red
  • Fit: Arms, Back, Legs, and Hips, suitable for both strength training and muscle training.

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1 x Yoga 8 Word Chest Expander