Retractable Folding Fan

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The telescopic rod design is foldable, convenient to store, and has a height adjustment range of up to 36 cm.

The noise level is under 36dB even when the fan is operating at maximum speed. a calm companion for work and sleep. The design and sleek form of this fan make this fan a perfect addition to your workstation.

Compatible with computers, laptops, power banks, and any other USB-enabled power sources. NOT RECHARGEABLE

Our little USB desk fan has a head that can freely rotate 180 degrees in three dimensions. The bottom bracket, which eliminates the hassle of connections and gives you a comfortable experience in life, can be mounted on a mobile phone.


Material: ABS

Color: White, Geen

Product size: 16*8.5*17cm

Max Height: 36cm

Package size(weight): 17*19.2*18cm(0.461kg)

Speed: 1 Gear Automatic On

Power Source: Electric (non-rechargeable)

Package Includes:

1 Retractable Folding Fan (non-rechargeable)

Retractable Folding Fan