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  • This is a compact and precision screwdriver, which can disassemble small and medium-sized equipment screws such as ordinary mobile phone digital products, computer consumable products, drone model aircraft model folding knives and small appliances and some precision equipment, etc.
  • Hand-in-one design, not only the automatic operation but also manual operation, electric and manual can be operated independently or at the same time.
  • Electric screwdriver with self-locking design, as long as manual operation, internal self The lock will automatically open to avoid damage to the motor, you can safely operate it manually.
  • High-precision carbon brush motor, the output speed of 200r/min when no load to meet the high efficiency of screwing, without losing controllability, carefully adjusted motor life is enough to remove/install more than 30000 precise screws.
  • LED lighting and USB port charging design, providing ample power timely, automatic and manual operation design, ensure the high working efficiency.
  • Mobile phone-like charging, no more than 1hour to be fully charged. Instruction with red light when charging. While with blue light when fully charged,360° ring-like indication,be clear at a glance.

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