Self Draining Soap Holder

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Self Draining Soap Holder allows water to flow into the sink automatically from the water tap. Make soap easier to dry and reduce waste. Most importantly, you don't need to pour out the water in the soap container.


It adopts a triangular card design to prevent the soap from sliding. Soap liquid will not become viscous by being soaked in water. Most importantly, you never have to worry about soap being soaked.

The leaf-shaped hollow design makes the soap holder more beautiful and practical.

Made of ABS is not easy to deform and is very easy to clean. Most importantly, it also helps to keep the counter clean.

It can also use for sponges, brushes, and other small objects can be placed.


If the adhesive does not stick, please Spray some water on the bottom surface, which will stick more Solid.

Self Draining Soap Holder