Shower Phone Holder Mount

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  • 100% waterproof protection-whether it is splashing, overflowing or completely immersed, the waterproof box is equipped with a reliable sealing protection device. At the same time does not affect the sound.
  • Anti-fog high-view window-even if fog is generated during the bath, it will not affect the clarity of the phone screen.
  • The sensitive screen-0.25 mm flexible touch screen can be freely touched from inside the shower or bathtub, adjust the volume, change songs, play games, and scroll the news.
  • Non-marking suspension-easy to stick, firm and stable, can be stuck anywhere without a mark.
  • The most suitable size for mobile phones-the universal size is suitable for all mobile phones under 6.8 inches.
  • Use scene-enjoy audio and video entertainment at any time. Bathroom, toilet, kitchen... so that your phone will never break up with you.


Product parameters: bathroom waterproof phone case

Applicable mobile phones: less than 6.8 inches

Material: ABS+PETSize: 19cmX10.5cmX2.8cm

Features: waterproof and anti-fog, sensitive touch screen

Installation method: non-marking stickers (can be directly mounted on the wall without punching)

Suitable for scene: bathroom/kitchen/balcony

Package Includes:

1x Shower Phone Holder Mount

Shower Phone Holder Mount