Sponge Ball Audio Cool (FREEBIE USE ONLY)

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It's a little speaker that you may use to listen to music or watch movies with your family or friends.

The built-in rechargeable polymer battery can last up to 2 hours of continuous operation.

The built-in LED indicator light will show you the various operating conditions: red light indicates charging, blue light indicates full charging/working.


Interface Type: USB

Size: W55×H55×D55mm

Material: ABS & Sponge

Battery: Built-in lithium battery.

Standby time: 6 hours

Output Power: 3W ON/OFF Switch to save battery life while not in use. Red light-charging Blue light-charging full/ working

Package Includes:

1* Sponge Ball Audio Cool


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Sponge Ball Audio Cool (FREEBIE USE ONLY)