Ultimate Blackhead Remover

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Strong absorption, completely sucked out blackhead that is difficult to clean, acne and grease.
Suck in double cups, use small holes for small parts of the nose, use large holes for cleaning large areas of the cheeks.
Prevents suction damages the skin, is rich in vitamins and proteins, and gives the skin the nutrients it needs.
Restoring the newborn and leaves no traces, restores skin's rejuvenating memory, revitalizes its vitality, creates a smooth, silky, leaving no trace

Material: Plastic
Commodity Quality Certification: CCC
Function: Facial Clean
Standard Voltage: 110V-220V
Size: 18*4*5
Type: Acne Removal Needle

Package Included:
1 x Pore Clean Machine
4 x Pore Clean Machine Heads
1 x User Manual

Ultimate Blackhead Remover