Video Making Kit

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1. A tripod + fill light + microphone set, easy to shoot your Vlog,
2. Small and light, easy to switch between handheld/desktop shooting,
3. Adjustable fill light, the light is soft and does not hurt the eyes,
4. Desktop tripod, standard 1/4 inch screws can be extended to more photography accessories,
5. The mobile phone holder with cold shoe opening is small and convenient, and can hold mobile phones with a width of 6.5~10cm,
6. Mini microphone, to achieve high-quality radio, equipped with a windshield, can also be used in noisy environments.

Monomer: Electrostatic type
Directivity of capacitive head: super-cardioid directivity
Frequency response: 50 Hz -16kHz
Sensitivity enhancement +20db2db
Sensitivity: 45db3bd (ODB= 1V / PA at kHz ) equivalent
Noise Level:24dba
Maximum sound pressure level: 130dB (THD
Chanel: Mono
Product Model: KD-49/ 20
Number of lamp beads: 49/20
Net Weight: 244g
Product Size: 78.5mm*66.5mm*30.5mm

Packing list:
1* Tripod
1* Microphone
1* LED Lamp ( need 3pcs AAA battery, not included)

1* User Manual

Video Making Kit