Wrist Band Hand Dispenser

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【Innovative Design】 - Fill empty chambers with your favorite hand sanitizer liquid or gel using the supplied refillable bottle and cap.The innovative design ensures that the liquid only comes out when needed.

【Portable】 - Tie it on your wrist or tuck it into your backpack and dispense a small amount of hand sanitizer gel when needed.A bottle of hand sanitizer when you need to go.

【Reusability & Practicality】 - This travel hand sanitizer bracelet can be refilled over and over with any brand hand sanitizer.It is stylish and functional with a cute design.

【Multipurpose】- The silicone refillable bracelet can be filled with hand sanitizer as well as sunscreen, cream.To hang your key chain, clip it to your bag or belt loop.It provides an easy and convenient way to clean your hands on the go.

【Adult/Child Unisex】 - Adjustable straps, ideal for both men and women.Kids can use it for school, vacation and shop trips.Adults can use it in the office, shopping and everywhere else to wash their hands.


1. Material: Silicone TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

2. Size: Adult Unisex-Free Size

3.Cleaning Instructions: Wash with soap, warm water and refill.

4. Flexible, durable and soft to the touch.


1. Washable and wearable, comes with two caps, one for loose liquid and the other for liquid gel.

2. The 8mm refill opening is wide enough to accommodate most product spouts.

three.Fill in the liquid of your choice and dispense from the laser by pressing the logo on the wristband.

4. Makes the perfect gift for yourself and your loved ones.

5. Ideal for travel, healthcare, service industries and almost anyone else.

6. The hand sanitizer bracelet can hold up to 6ml of liquid and the easy-to-refill, refillable beak bottle can hold between 10mL and 20mL of liquid.

How to use:

1: Fill the product - just lift the refill cap and insert your desired hand sanitizer, lotion or product into the refill cap of the band.When full, close the cap tightly.

2: To dispense liquid, squeeze top to desired volume.


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Wrist Band Hand Dispenser